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T h e  P H I L B U M

a  B e a t   B a s s  E x p e r i e n c e


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 Philipp Rehm: bass, bass-moog, guitars, synthesizers, programming, cabasa 



special guests:

Besides his sideman activities, Philipp shows his other side on his new album. In here the bass is the front voice of an extraordinary music vision featuring new rhythms, which have not been heard before. They follow their own specific movements and develope an unusual drive. 
Ralf Gustke: drums
Abdelrhani Krija: percussions
It has recognizable ele-ments of african music and dancehall, but also funk, rock and even classical elements connected to a new music style. These instrumental pieces are composed  as songs, specifically written for the bass in all his facets. 
Tilman Bruno: percussions   Pallavi Arun (IND): vocals 
martinsw Virtuosity and passion are all in this concept. The production is powerful and clear and the music is pro-vided with solid bass lines, percussions, long melodies and creative sounds.
Martin Meixner: Hammond Organ   Emilio Martins (BRA): percussions 
uli juergen mattl
Uli Brodersen: additional guitars  Juergen Friedrich: grand piano Matthias Doersam: horns





Philipp Rehm jamming the track "Zoohead" from the Philbum at the carwash:




composed and produced by:


Philipp Rehm




n o w   o n   v i n y l :   j a z z   a g a i n s t   t h e   m a c h i n e


To all friends of vinyl:
You can hear Philipp Rehm on Jazz Against The Machine's vinyl-release "Black Bossa".
You can order it here.
If Your music player does not play vinyl, you can order the album digital.
The next album of Jazz Against The Machine is already finished and will also be released soon. Get infos here.
2016  Philipp Rehm